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About Showcars.ie – Supercars / Hypercars / Exotics 

Showcars.ie has been set up with owners of Supercars in mind, to help build a community of like minded people within Ireland where the plan will be to hold regular car meets, drive outs and alike. One car meet not to be missed will be our official cars and coffee meet featuring #petrolheadonism.club. This will be held once a year (coming soon) (supercars, exotics and hypercars only). We have made it our business to find some of the greatest roads and scenery, as well as some of the best venues in Ireland where we will hold private meets and drive outs (community only).

Showcars will be working very closely with dealerships and clubs across the whole of Ireland, where we will be showcasing both cars and events in our blogs section (mostly supercars, hypercars, exotics etc).

Showcars will also be creating “The Ireland Rally” where cars can register to come on a four day trip across Ireland, which will feature great roads and venues within Ireland. Showcars.ie held their first Ireland Rally in April 2018 – Read the review here

If you’re interested in any of what you have read above, please get in touch

The Ireland Rally – Achill Island


Showcars.ie at Cannonball Ireland 2017


  • Showcars will be on the road with their official Showcars vehicle. Look out for this car coming (you’ll hear it before you see it)!!!
  • Showcars will be producing a small amount of stickers and air fresheners’ and will be handing them out when the car comes out, share yours online (Instagram viewer)
  • Drone and camera equipment, on board to take some kick ass footage ready for our new youtube channel, also coming soon.
  • With regular blogs and posts from a range of people across the industry!!!
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