Cars & Coffee Bray January 2018

Cars and Coffee Bray January 2018

Nissan GTR cars and coffee Bray Jan 2018
Nissan GTR Black Eddition


It was a cold and wet day as we pulled into the Coffee Delights car park at around 9:30am. There was about 3 – 4 cars in the car park already. You could be forgiven for thinking it was nothing more than a gathering of a few cars on a Sunday morning, but give it an hour and you see people arriving, turning around and leaving because there isn’t any parking spaces left.

After a meeting in the coffee shop I whipped out the camera and took a look at what had arrived. In the hour and a half I had been away, the event had gone from miserable to bustling and full of the smell of petrol. All Kinds of cars had arrived but at this point no sign of any Supercars.

Volvo Cars and Coffee Bray Jan 2018
Volvo – Cars and Coffee Bray


One thing to love about cars and coffee Bray is the sheer variety of cars that arrive from an Audi R8 to a Mercedes Unimog, right down to a Mazda 787B tribute RX7. There was something for everyone, that’s for sure.

A couple of the cars that caught my eye were some Volvo R cars and a stunning GTR Black edition stuck in the back of the coffee delights car park, a gorgeous San Marino Blue BMW M6 also showed up. The variety of Jap cars was surprising and I was happy to see 4 RX7’s at the event. Also a rare sight to see was a handful of Alfa Gulias, one was very rusty and dirty but sounded mechanically good.

Audi R8 Cars and Coffee Bray Jan 2018
Audi R8 – Cars and Coffee Bray


The best thing about the event is the variety and I am excited to see what the event holds for the summer months. After all this I could not feel my hands for a few hours,,, but it was all worth it..haha.

BMW M6 cars and coffee Bray Jan 2018
BMW M6 at Cars and Coffee Bray Jan 2018

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