2018 The Birth of The Ireland Rally Review

The Ireland Rally

Supercars – Hypercars – Exoticcars – Muscle cars – Classic cars – All Welcome!!!

The evening of the 12th April 2018The Sharnbrook hotel:- 

The sharnbrook Hotel-The Ireland Rally 2018
The Sharnbrook Hotel

We reached the venue at around 5:00pm, where we parked up the cars, ready for the stickers to be applied. It was a nice evening and everyone was in high spirits about the next few days ahead. The rally cars attracted a small audience of spectators and young automotive photographers where they turned up in the morning to take shots of the cars leaving too.

The Ireland Rally 2018 - Sharnbrook hotel
The Ireland Rally 2018

We then moved on for dinner where Ciro had put on a lovely buffet of pasta and pizza along with a selection of other nice foods (great selection and I for one was truly stuffed). We then retired for the evening to what I thought is one of the largest most spacious rooms I have ever stayed in. The Sharnbrook really did not disappoint and was the first time some of our guests had ever been there.

Morning of the 13th April 2018The drive to Holyhead:-

We all met up in the breakfast hall before heading in to a quick briefing where both Ciro and Conrad handed out the lanyards and gave a quick briefing of the next few days ahead, at this point, we met with the photographers and film crews who would be joining us for The Ireland Rally.

Sprite photography/Love cars - The Ireland Rally 2018
Sprite Photography/Love cars – The Ireland Rally 2018

Love cars                                   limelight                      Sprite photography                    Daniel Sullivan


Love Cars – Limelight – Sprite Photography 

Photos of the event can be seen and purchased from this link :- “Sprite Photography”


You tube footage of the event can be seen at this link “The Ireland Rally 2018” (STILL TO COME)

13th Aprilcontinued :-

We drove out from the Sharnbrook in convoy and headed on to the mountains of Snowdonia where we had a pit stop to take in the surroundings and get refreshments before completing the rest of the journey to the Port of Holyhead. We arrived with plenty of time to spear and we were able to catch up with some of the locals where some of the children got the chance to sit in a Supercar (#sharingthepassion).

mclaren 720s Holyhead ferry port
Holyhead Ferry Port

The ferry trip took just 1hr 50mins to get to Dublin (the Dublin Swift). On arrival in to the port we was greeted by some young children on the road side taking pictures, we then headed for the Radisson Blu Hotel where we was also greeted by a whole host of people taking photos and chatting away. We all parked up and went to check in.

Radisson Blu Dublin – The Ireland Rally 2018


The hotel was absolutely stunning with friendly and accommodating staff throughout. We went straight on to our rooms where we got ready for the evening ahead. At around 8:00pm we all headed in to a private function area where we was greeted with a drinks reception before been seated ready for food. The food was incredible and there was a wide range to choose from… we was all done in and redy for bed by around 12:30am. Great evening!


                  Lamborghini Aventador SV                             Audi R8 V10 Spyder (PET-supercar hire)


The Radisson Blu st.helens

Morning of the 14th April 2018Wicklow Mountains, Mondello Park racetrack and the drive to Galway


Straight down for breakfast, where we was greated by friendly staff ready to fill us up before the day’s drive (impeccable customer service). We then headed out for some photos before heading for our first destination of the day, The Wicklow Mountains where we drove through some of the most incredible mountain range I have ever seen with incredible roads and great valley drives. We then headed over to Mondello Park racetrack where we was greeted by loads of people taking photos of the cars.

The Wicklow Mountains
Entering the Track

We then headed on to the Racetrack where we had a few laps at speed before having to call it a day. everyone was a little gutted it was over so soon with the adrenaline still pumping through their veins (is this #petrolheadonism ??), but soon realised that what they had got was an experience that people would normally spend a whole day and a lot of money to have. This for me was the highlight of the whole rally, seeing these beasts unleashed on track… Loved it! We then parked the cars up and went in to the driver lounge for lunch, which was soup and sandwiches (these have to be the best sandwiches I’ve ever had) we watched a few of the different racing classes that they had on that day before getting back in our cars and continuing the journey to Galway.

Racing!!!!! Mondello park
Start line – Mondello park Race Track

The drive to Galway was great fun in convoy (even though some of us got a little lost….haha)… we all arrived at the Galmont hotel where we parked up and went in for a short rest before coming down for the drinks reception and dinner that we had laid on. Some of the group went in Galway town that night, where they fell in love with the streets and bars of Galway with its street buskers and busy bars (this is a great night out for anyone coming to Ireland).

Rolling – The Ireland Rally 2018


Morning of the 15th April 2018The wild Atlantic way from Galway to Achill Island

We woke up this morning and headed down for Breakfast, this hotel was nice but also very busy, we checked out and asked everyone to meet out front. I was outside when a yellow Lamborghini (Mentioning no name’s ) drove under the car park barrier due to losing their ticket….haha this was well funny and had us all in stitches…..

Mclaren 720s outside The Galmont Hotel

We then set off for the Wild Atlantic way where our first stop was the small town of Clifden where we had lunch (the quiet town of Clifden did not know what had hit it..haha.. it did not take long for the street to fill with people). The Drive was everything we had told people it would be with Atlantic ocean views, cliffs and mountains… this really is one of the wonders of the world (In my opinion).

Clifden take over!

When we had all eaten, we got in the cars ready to drive out where all the kids where crowding round to watch the cars leave (the speed limit and town was respected all through our time there….). we then drove on to the Mulranny park hotel where we stopped off to regroup before heading for the final leg of our journey, ACHILL ISLAND

The Wild Atlantic Way

Achill Island really is a gem, where the whole Island just seems to be stuck in a time warp, it is unchanged and unhindered from the hustle and bustle of modern times, with sheep walking the streets like people. haha (thinking about it? Did we even see people on the island?) The whole drive was amazing with most of the road running over cliffs and between mountains. Keem Bay was our finish line, and possibly the finish line of all finish lines. It really was incredible, the road runs along a cliff face above the Atlantic ocean before ending in a carpark between to huge mountains with the sea crashing between them.

Finish Line! Achill Island

Every one parked up (some of the pack had left by this point due to other engagements) and was congratulating us for producing one of the best driving experiences they had ever been on, I defiantly saw some tears….

It was lovely to hear the feedback from everyone who had taken part in the Ireland Rally 2018 (Leave a Review of your experience of the Ireland Rally)

Mulranny park hotel - Wild atlantic way - Ireland
Mulranny park hotel

We all headed back to the mulranny park hotel where we booked in and went in for the last dinner and drinks reception of the rally. This was lovely and there was some great speeches given by both Conrad of World x and Ciro of Petrolheadonism.club. there was a few awards handed out to every one where our very own Events photographer Daniel Sullivan got an award for the Worst co pilot on the rally…haha…..

The Ireland Rally 2018
Team Work

Every one then went up for the evening where they all had a very early start due to the ferry time table been changed (the weather forced the Dublin swift not to sail).

The Ireland Rally is born.


If you would like to sign up for the 2019 Ireland rally please click the link:- IRELAND RALLY 2019