Modball Rally 2018

Modball Rally 2018

Modball Girls at the Modball rally 2018 next to a road legal Aston Martin Vulcan
Modball Girls

The Modball rally is always a source of excitement not only for the drivers but the spectators too, who have the pleasure of witnessing some of the worlds best cars but also the craziness that comes with them.

The Evening Before
Lamborghini Aventador parked on Park lane London for the Modball rally 2018
Aventador, Park Lane, London

Our trip to see Modball 2018 consisted of seeing them gather at the Hilton Park lane on the Saturday night then watching them gather at the O2 Arena in London the very next day where they set off on a 5 day journey across Europe.

It was quite a sight to arrive at the Hilton long after the daylight had been replaced with fluorescent street lighting and see supercars littering the streets outside. There was even a Mercedes G500 4×4 and a Porsche RWB, which for me where quite special amongst the litter of “Normal” supercars.

The Morning of Modball Madness!!
Road Legal Aston Martin Vulcan in London for the Modball rally 2018
Road Legal Aston Martin Vulcan

The next morning we took the Showcars, Abarth Biposto to the O2 arena and found ourselves driving in behind Seenthroughglass in his Audi R8. There were not many cars when we arrived, but that was a good thing as we got to see them all arrive.

One by One, they arrived all stickered up and revving like mad, I almost fell over when I saw a casual Aston Martin Vulcan drive in on the road. Something you just do not see every day (or any day that is. Ha-ha).

Having been denied media passes for the rally, the next hour consisted of waiting, peeking beyond the barriers waiting for the cars to leave. To top it all they was running behind schedule too (as rallies usually do. Ha-ha).

Hulktador Lamborghini Aventador at modball rally 2018 in London
Hulktador Aventador

The crowds lined the roads leading out from the 02 where the cars left in a right hurry. We caught a dirty burnout from the Team Navi GT350 Mustang and a very noisy Aventador from Hulktador to name a couple.

When the last car finally left, the atmosphere dropped and everyone left, which was a calamity in itself. The “free parking” as it turned out was not free and then to top it all off, we left the Biposto keys on top of the ticket machine!

Overview of the Day
Rauh-welt Porsche 911 outside the Hilton Park lane in London for the Modball rally 2018
Rauh-Welt Porsche

All in all a great morning that just got better (but that’s a different story). This was a truly uplifting experience that allowed me to see some awesome supercars in a great environment where you get to see them close up. I got some incredible shots of some incredible cars.

I just remember thinking, I wish I was going with them…. (NOT in the Abarth though. Ha-ha).


Blog written by Showcars Events Photographer: 

Daniel Sullivan