Seen Through Glass at Mondello Park Race Track

Porsche Gt3 RS vs Mercedes Amg GT-R

Sam (SeenThroughGlass) announced on his Instagram that he would be at my local race circuit Mondello Park with his friend Tony (Gravel Wood car sales) and that they would be taking Tony’s AMG GTR and 911 GT3RS out on the track for some Filming and photos.

This was just to greater an opportunity to be missed for both my self and whom I am official Events photographer for and was with them on the Ireland Rally only a few weeks previous.

seen through the glass at mondello park Ireland, porsche gt3 rs vs Mercedes AMG GTR
gt3 RS vs AMG GTR

The GT3RS is the 991.2. The latest and greatest in the Naturally aspirated GT Porsche lineup with a 4.0 flat six.

The Mercedes is a 4.0 Biturbo former Nurburgring record holder which has now been taken by the GT3RS’s big brother, the GT2RS.

Mercedes AMG GTR at Mondello Park race track Ireland, Seen through glass
Mercedes AMG GTR


Both cars are phenomenal in both sound and performance so it was interesting to see how they compared on a track given they were to very different approaches to the same goal, the GT3 being rear engined, lightened and stripped out, the Mercedes being front engined and somewhat luxurious.

seen through glass at mondello race track, porsche GT3 RS 991.2
Porsche GT3 RS 991.2.


We first did a short photoshoot on the straight and then reversed up to the beginning of the straight where I had the pleasure of starting their drag races. The Porsche seemed to have superior launch control, or a superior driver? Hmm!… ┬áIt easily won the 3 races we did.

seen through glass at Mondello Park Ireland porsche GT3 RS vs Mercedes AMG GTR
Seen through glass at Mondello park Ireland, Porsche GT3 RS vs Merceds AMG GTR


Following that in the hot laps the GT3RS again beat the GTR without too much hardship. Both incredible cars and it was awesome to get two laps around in the GT3RS.

seen through glass at Mondello Park Ireland Mercedes AMG GTR vs Porsche GT3 RS
Porsche 911.2 GT3 RS


“Following a group photo and a quick look in the museum we were left to it and went our own separate ways!”

sam of seen through glass and Tony of Gravelwood car sales at Mondello Park Ireland
Sam of Seen Through Glass and Tony of Gravelwood car sales at Mondello Park Ireland


A big Thanks to Sam and Tony for being absolute gentlemen

and to myself & my friends. Until next time.

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Daniel sullivan

Official Events Photographer