Showcars Journey 2017
#petrolheadonism wrest park 2017

Through 2017 Showcars went to a great many events both within Ireland and the uk, Where we met some amazing people , saw some amazing cars and the whole Idea for Showcars was born, With a vision to bring some of these great ideas and shows to Ireland, bringing companies within the industry together within Ireland.

Here is a few of the events we went to through 2017:
showcars at modball rally 2017

June 2017: The year kicked off with a trip to London for the Launch of the Modball Rally 2017 where we saw the likes of Yainnimise with  their Aventador (Aventador footage) and chrome black wrapped BMW M6( BMW M6 Wrap Video) In the line up there was also Skyzelife with his amazing gold chrome Aventador. Two words to explain what I saw “pall-mall lockdown” 180 supercars from all over Europe taking part in a 6 Day party all night Drive all day rally that would end its journey in Ibiza for a huge party. What an Amazing experience to kick off an amazing year of pure petrol head epicness…

Lamborghini gallardo
Italian car and bike show 2017 at the Sharnbrook

July 2017: We was invited to attend the Italian car and bike day at the Sharnbrook hotel where there really was a massive line up of pure Italian power in the way of Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Maserati’s and some awesome lancia deltas that looked like they had just come off the production line. This for me was a great experience been up close and personal with the cars and their owners. Falling in love with mucielago’s and huracan’s at the Lamborghini club uk stand that was on display there.

Mondello park classic car race
Mondello Park Classic car and bike day

August 2017: went to Mondello park for their classic car and bike day where we saw classic cars racing around the track with anything from mg’s and lotuses to porches and custom cars. This was a great experience and we was able to get in close to the track to take some kick ass footage (shame it was all on a mobile) (taking the Drone in 2018)…….

classic car races at Mondello
In the Pits!!!
Mondello park classic Porsche on track
Porsche 911 racing at Mondello

supercars sunday 2017 sharnbrookSeptember 2017: Back to the Sharnbrook for the biggest event of the year “supercar Sunday” hosted by #petrolheadonism’s very own Ciro, where there was guest appearances from the likes of DMO DJ, Yianni and Merty (guy cracks me up) all Instagram superstars (but hey.. its all about the insta …Right) Yianni will be appearing on Dave channel through January (looking forward to this,,, this is already on pre-record!!) any way, back to the event:- “Lamborghini’s like there smart cars” (trust me there was a lot of Lamborghini’s there). There was everything super at this event with well over 100 super cars and hyper cars, we caught site of a Koinigsegg agera-r and we also caught up with Oakley designs famous Bugatti veyron (I think that SHMEE150 sums it up perfectly in his you tube vid). There was also a convoy of yellow lambos turned up, this was epic with the Performante, Hurican and Aventador SV just to name a few……

Lamboe line-up at the sharnbrook
Lambo Line-up
Lamborghini Aventador
Lamborghini Aventador


Eleanor cannonball Ireland 2017
Eleanor at cannonball Ireland 2017
Mclaren cannonball Ireland 2017

Also in September: was the launch of Cannonball Ireland where there was over 100 cars of all types taking part in their rally across Ireland “Dublin 3 arena lockdown”. See the photo on the right showing Eleanor at the Cannonball Ireland in 2017.



Irish drift championships Mondello Park
Irish Drift Championships Mondello Park 2017

September 2017: Mondello race track for the final of the Irish Drift Championships…. talk about the smell of burning rubber.. the roar of those heavy BHP beasts screeching around the track at around 100mph going sideways…. Awsome…. met some awesome people this day and also got some great pictures and footage. This was also the day of Mondello’s Japfest… This was a massive turn out with around 600 cars attending, with all kinds of modifications and enhancements. This is another event we will not miss next year.


Rockingham cars and coffee meet
Cars and Coffee Central Rockingham Meet 2017

October 2017: yes its a little cold but there is still stuff happening, We was invited to attend Cars and Coffee Central car meet at the Rockingham raceway in Northampton where we met up with some serious cars,, I was in the serious #petrolheadonism Arbath….. here we met up with Rick of Sprite Photography who took some awesome tunnel shots and some great rolling track shots,, yes we was on the track for one lap… thank god it wasn’t a race..haha.. there was anything from R8s and Lamborghini’s to Ferrari’s and even a koinigsegg ccx. This was a serious event and hopefully Showcars gets the opportunity to attend again next year.

classic porsche 911
Porsche 911 Cars and coffee Dundalk 2017

We also attended a cars and coffee meet in Dundalk in Ireland where the event is getting bigger every month we also caught a sighting of the “Beast of Dundalk” a camero z/28 drag car. This thing shook the houses as it came down the road… there was plenty of classics and a great gathering of Porches. This is defiantly another event to attend in 2018

These where just some of the events that Showcars attended last year.. one blog really does not do this whole year justice but showcars is a new site and any events we attend from here on inwards, we will be blogging about,,

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