Showcars at the RIAC Classic Car Show 2018 with Supercars, Exotics & Classics

RIAC Classic car show 2018

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 The RIAC show is always a little unusual in that it’s a Bi Annual event instead of most events being monthly or annual. That always makes it a little more special.

Ferrari Dino at the RIAC classic car show 2018 -
Ferrari Dino and Alpha RDS Arena.


I have been there on the public days for the last four events however this time I decided to go the day before and try to see some cars coming in and it paid off big time.


Tesla Model S RIAC 2018 Showcars
Tesla Model S

We were able to see the cars coming into the RDS, setting up and being prepared without any massive crowds or barriers surrounding the cars (a photographer’s nightmare!). It was brilliant to see the cars there and one obliging owner of an immaculate F355 GTS moved his car to a nice spot for me to photograph (thank you if you are reading this).


Some of the incredible stuff there was a Ferrari 275 GTS, Mercedes 300SL and an Aston Martin DB3S! These were first and foremost at the front of the show of course.

Aston Martin DB3S 1956 - RIAC Classic car show 2018 -
1956 Aston Marin DB3S Race car


The Ferrari stand looked stunning with 9 red Ferrari’s including two of my favorite additions been the F430 and Testarossa, both were in immaculate condition. This stand really was stunning and been right at the front as you walk in just added to the thrill of the whole event.

Ferrari Testarossa - RIAC classic car show 2018 -
Ferrari Testarossa


There was a huge community of people there from American cars, Jaguars, classic Fiats and even a Rolls Royce Wraith. Being back on the Saturday for the public days is always a different atmosphere, no good for photos but fantastic to soak in the atmosphere and chat to people, and of course the odd nice car in the car park.

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing at the RDS Arena, Dublin - RIAC classic car show 2018 -
Mercedes 300SL Gullwing


Overall a fabulous show and I’m disappointed that it will be 2020 before the next one! 




Daniel Sullivan
Events Photographer

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